8 – Eight is Enough Murders

March 17, 2016

  • 1,000 people in the Facebook group. (Aww sweet baby angles.)
  • People vs. OJ Simpson is now called The Simpsons.
  • Karen covers cursed movies deaths/weird things.
  • Georgia covers the death of Rebecca Zahau, or the Coronado house murder.
  • Georgia and Karen talk about listening to 911 calls.
  • “Cold Justice” is a T.V. show about two badass women; one is an investigator, and one is a prosecutor. They go to tiny towns that have no money for detectives and try to solve cold cases.
  • Talk about “I Survived…”
  • The girls talk about instances where they said “fuck politeness.”
  • Hometown murder is from Vince!
  • “Elvis do you want a cookie?” – Georgia


Hometown Murder

Small town outside of Detroit, MI. There was a kind of central park in town. When Vince was a freshman or sophomore in high school, a girl in his class was abducted out of the park, raped, and murdered by a serial killer. Turned out that he had done that same thing to a number of girls. A few years after that, in the same park, two 12 year old girls who met these 20-30 year old guys in the park who they asked to buy alcohol for them so that they could celebrate their 13th birthdays. The guys told the girls to meet back up at the park later that night so they could give them the alcohol. The two men got drunk, raped, and killed the girls. The men put their bodies in the river and at a festival later on in the year, the girls bodies were discovered. The town thought that the girls were runaways before their bodies were found.

You can listen here.


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