Elisa Lam

Elisa was staying at the Cecil Hotel in LA, sketchy part of town near Skid Row. She was travelling by herself and would check in with her family every day. When she didn’t check out on February 1st her parents reported her as missing. On February 6th they held a press conference for her, and on the 14th, there is footage of her her on an elevator released to the public. The footage is of her running into the elevator, pushing all of the buttons, peeking around the entrance to the elevator, jumping out at one point, and even  standing outside of the elevator and what looks like her talking to someone. It looks like she’s hiding from someone, but also that she’s playing hide and seek. The numbers on the tape were distorted, and no one was sure if the hotel or the police department distorted the numbers, but it was found that an entire MINUTE is missing from the footage, and the footage is slowed down by 125%. A few weeks later, customers of the hotel were complaining that the water was a weird color and it tasted weird, so a handy man went up to the tanks on the roof, and her dead body was floating in the water. Elisa was on 4 different medications at the time for her bipolar disorder, and it was speculated that she had a psychotic break. They took a rape kit, but never processed it because they ruled her death as a suicide.

Cecil Hotel has some bad vibes. They have had so many jumper suicides over the years that they stopped counting, well over 100. Richard Ramirez stayed there during his killing spree.

There is a tuberculosis test called LAM-ELISA that was used on people when there was an outbreak of TB on Skid Row. Crazy coincidence?

elisa lam


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