Cursed Movie Sets


  • Dominique Dunne was murdered 5 months after the release of the first movie by John Sweeney.
  • Julian Beck played Kane, the creepy reverend. He died of stomach cancer at age 60 after the second movie came out.
  • Will Sampson played Taylor the Medicine Man in the second movie. He died of scleroderma, a degenerative condition that made him have kidney failure.
  • Heather O’Rourke died when she was 12 years old. It was suggested that there was a body double for some of the movie because she had died during filming. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, but she only had a bowel obstruction and got the flu as a result, which then made her go into septic shock, cardiac arrest, and she died on the operating table.
  • Lou Perryman was murdered by an ax-wielding ex-con who broke into his apartment.
  • Richard Lawson was in a commercial airline crash. There were 51 passengers, 27 of them died but he lived.
  • Weird fact: at the end of the movie, there is a pool filled with skeletons, and they were real!
  • A remake was shot in a large field, but they couldn’t get any of their electronics to work in the field. They were using drones, but the drones wouldn’t register the field.


The Exorcist

  • Shooting was delayed because the set caught on fire. They thought that a pigeon landed in a breaker box, but they couldn’t figure out how the fire started. The only part of the set that didn’t burn was Reagan’s room where all of the demonic stuff happened.
  • Ellen Burstyn gets thrown against the wall and she screams. The scream was real because she really broke her spine at that moment.
  • They subliminally play tapes of the sounds of bees and lions growling before they eat something.
  • For a split second, when Cara sees her mother coming out of the subway, a horrifying face flickers across the screen.

Exorcist subliminal.jpg

  • The actor who played the director in the movie, Jack MacGowran, died days after completing his scenes of the flu; he was only 54.
  • The woman who plays the old woman died of natural causes just days after Jack MacGowran.
  • Linda Blair’s grandfather died while the shooting was taking place.
  • Max von Sydow’s brother died the first day of shooting; he played the old priest.
  • Jason Miller, the actor who played Father Karras, has a son that was almost his and killed by a motorcycle.
  • Mercedes McCambridge did the voice of the demon when Linda Blair’s character is possessed. Her son murdered his wife and children and then killed himself.
  • At the premier in Rome there was a 16th century church across the street, and when the people were filing in to watch the movie a bolt of lightning hit the cross on the top of the church and the cross falls off the church and into the plaza. The cross had been on the church for 400 years.


Rosemary’s Baby

  • The composer of the movie, Krzysztof Komeda, died of a brain clot, which is the same way a guy in the movie dies.
  • Roman Polanski’s wife, unborn baby, and four other people were murdered by Charles Manson’s family because he wouldn’t record for Charles Manson. Polanski was in London at the time of their deaths. The Manson’s called the murder spree Helter Skelter, which is a Beatles song and in 1980 John Lennon was shot in front of The Dakota, the same apartment building used as the exterior of the apartment building in Rosemary’s Baby.

rosemary's baby1


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