Minisode 1

March 30, 2016

  • Hiding in plain sight murderer: any doctor or nurse that kills multiple people before anyone catches on – Angels of death.
  • BTK. He worked for ADT and would install home securities systems in the homes of people who were afraid. BTK had a wife and kids and was a scout leader.
BTK Killer
  • Ian Huntley. School caretaker. Murdered 2 10 year old girls. Video of him being interviewed on tv talking about how devastating it was for the community that someone was murdering girls. 
Ian Huntley
  • Karen brings up Ted Bundy and he was so handsome and charming and no one suspected him. Ann Rule wrote The Stranger Beside Me and she worked with him. He would walk her to her car and night and tell her to be careful because there was someone going around kidnapping and killing women.
  • Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a female “wellness gynecologist.” Terminating pregnancies unwillingly, allowing under-qualified staff to perform medical tasks including anesthesia and abortions. Over 30 jars of fetal feet were in his office.
Kermit Gosnell
  • Mary Jane Fonder – She thought another woman was having an affair with her pastor, whom she had a crush on. Shot the woman in the church office.
Mary Jane Fonder
  • Sarah D – Oregon City, OR. 2001. Ashley Pond went missing, assumed she ran away. She was 12 years old. On her way to a bus stop outside her apartment complex and was never seen again. 2 months later, her best friend Miranda Gettes went missing as well. Last time her mom saw her, she was also walking out of the same apartment complex heading towards the same bus stop that Ashley went missing from. They thought Miranda had run away to join Ashley wherever she was. 12 year old Ashley accused her mom’s boyfriend Ward Weaver III of rape. His own daughter was the same age as Ashley and Miranda, Scared of going to prison, he raped and murdered Ashley. He then enlisted his teenage son to dig a giant hole in his backyard where he buried Ashley and covered with concrete. He told his friends and reporters that it was a plot for his new hot tub. Miranda went to Ward’s house looking for her friend. It was said that he lured Miranda there with promises of seeing Ashley, he then raped and murdered Miranda as well. Few months went by and he attempted to rape his own son Francis’ girlfriend. His son called the police and turned him in for the attempted rape and rape and murders of Ashley and Miranda. When the police searched his home, they found Ashley under the concrete and Miranda was found in a box in the garage. When they were interviewing him before he got caught, he led the interviewer intentionally into the garage and stood in front of the freezer where Miranda was kept, he also walked the reporter across the concrete slab in the backyard. Footage of him talking leafly about the slumber parties the girls would have with his daughter.
    • Fun facts: Ward Weaver II is also in prison for murder, ward’s father.
    • Francis Weaver, Ward’s son is also in prison for murder.
    • Ward wasn’t even Francis’ biological father; Francis contributed that news to his downward spiral and his imprisonment for a drug deal gone wrong

devil in the white city

  • Waneta Hoyte – murdered 5 of her children, kept saying it was SIDS, and one of her adopted kids also died, but they said it was also genetics… (Really good episode of Autopsy on this story).

    Waneta Hoyte

You can listen here.


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