Paul Bateson

Paul Bateson was a 38 year old x-ray tech at NYU Medical Center where the scene from the movie The Exorcist was filmed. The murders began in 1973, he was doing it while the movie was being filmed, and was caught after. People started going missing.

Ronald Cabo was stabbed to death and his apartment was set on fire. Donald McNiven was bludgeoned to death. John P. W. Beardsley was also stabbed to death. Donald and John were both found in Donald’s apartment that was also set on fire. Two weeks later, the body of Robin Barrera was found floating in the Hudson River; he had been missing for five weeks, and was wearing a leather jacket. 9 days after that two more gay men were murdered along with their dog. All of these people had something to do with the leather community. Body parts started washing up in trash bags on the shores of the Hudson River, and it’s said that at the Hudson River piers it’s a gay cruising spot. The cops started calling it the “Fag and Bag Killer.” Tony Lee was strangled in her apartment; she was a very well known drag queen. The Village Voice wrote an article about her death and that’s when investigators finally started to look into it. Addison Verrill, a flim critic for Variety magazine was found stabbed and bludgeoned with a cast iron skillet in his own apartment. A journalist by the name of Arthur Bell wrote a big article after Verrill was found dead and the whole story was whitewashed. Bell received a phone call from a man who said that he was the man who killed Verrill, that they were together went back to his apartment and after they had sex he had an epiphany and realized it wasn’t a reciprocal relationship and that Verrill didn’t love him and didn’t want to marry him. The caller told Bell the specifics of the crime scene that only the cops knew, like the fact that there was Crisco all over the crime scene. Bell also receives a call from a man by the name of Richard Ryan who said he knew the killer because he had met him before and that’s what led them to Paul Bateson.

After Bateson was in Ryker’s he was bragging to everone that he had killed Verrill and that he killed a bunch of gay guys just for fun because he was bored. Bateson got 20 years for murder, and was released in 2004. William Friedkin hears about this story and finds out that Bateson was the extra in his film and visited him in Ryker’s and interviews him and decides to make the movie Cruising. When the gay community found out about the movie they tried everything to ruin it. The movie was very homophobic and so long that they had to take parts out of the movie and it ended up making no sense in the end.


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