Cannibal Bus Killer

In 2008 a Greyhound bus was going to Manitoba. Around noon, Vincent Li boarded the bus and sat next to a guy named Tim Mclean. Tim was asleep and had his headphones in. Tim was 22 years old and a carnival worker. About an hour into the trip, Li pulls out a machete and started stabbing Mclean and began to decapitate him. The bus driver pulls over and all the other passengers start running off of the bus. A couple of the men and the bus drive tried to get back on the bus to help and do something, but Li had already decapitated Mclean. They closed the doors and barricaded it so that Li couldn’t leave the bus. Statements from the witnesses say that he looked completely calm as if nothing was happening and at one point held the head out and dropped it on the ground of the bus. Li severed other parts of the body and started eating it. The cops didn’t show up until 8:30 that night. Luckily, the bus driver had engaged the emergency immobilizer system which made it so that the bus couldn’t go anywhere. Around 1:30am Li tried to escape through a window, but was apprehended. Mclean’s ear, nose, and tongue were found in LI’s pockets, but his eyes and a part of his heart were never recovered, and it’s believed that Li ate those parts. During Li’s trial he said the committed the attacke because he heard God’s voice telling him what to do, and that God said that Mclean was a force of evil that needed to die. It was ruled that Li was “not criminally responsible for the killing.” In 2010, Lie was granted supervised outdoor walks within his mental health facility. On February 2017, Li was discharged and it was made that no legal obligations or restrictions were to be placed on his independent living. He changed his name to Will Baker.


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