Albert Fish

He was referred to as “The Gray Man,” “The Werewolf of Wisteria,” “The Brooklyn Vampire,” “The Moon Maniac,” and “The Boogeyman.”

His mother put him into an orphanage and was immediately treated terribly. He began to enjoy physical pain. He was into weird stuff like drinking urine, learning about eating bodies and how good they tasted. Both as a kid and as he grew up. He had 6 children that, supposedly, he never attacked. He did encourage his children and their friends to paddle his buttocks with a nail studded paddle that he often used to abuse himself. He got into eating raw meat and started suffering from a form of psychosis. He was obsessed with cannibalism. He felt that God was commanding him to torture and sexually mutilate children. His first kidnapping happened in 1924.

Fish saw a classified ad that said “Young man, 18, wishes position in country.” He answered an ad for someone needing work in Manhattan. He visited the family under the pretense of hiring this guy, and later confessed that he was going to kill him. He ended up meeting his daughter Grace, and decided that he was going to kill and eat her instead. He met her, made up a story about having to attend his niece’s birthday party, convinced her family to let Grace go with him. He left with her and she never returned. He then sent her family a letter.

He boasted that he had children in every state and that the number was about 100. It wasn’t known whether he was referring to rapes or cannibalism, nor is it known if the statement was truthful. He confessed to molesting more than 400 children over a span of 20 years. It is said that he has murdered between 6 and 15 children.

He was electrocuted, and he said that his electrocution would be the “supreme thrill” of his life. Just before the switch was flipped he said “I don’t even know why I’m here.” It is said that his execution took longer because he was really into stuffing needles up his penis and the needles disrupted the flow of electricity.

fish xray
Xray of his pelvis



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