David Rothenberg

It was 1983, David Rothenberg was in a hotel room with his father Charles Rothenberg. At the time his parents were going through a custody battle, so his father decided that if he couldn’t have him that no one could. Charles poured kerosene all over David’s body and lit him on fire. By the time that the paramedics arrived, David had severe burns over 90 percent of his body and they didn’t think that he would live.

To take the burned tissue off, the doctors put him in a whirlpool that contained bleach solution and had to brush off the skin. In the beginning they used pig and cadaver skin to cover him by stapling it to him. When he was ready for real skin, doctors surgically removed skin from other areas of his body and grafted it to him.

David changed his name to Dave Dave so that he would be free from his father’s name. Michael Jackson eventually reached out to him and they became lifelong friends. Dave appeared on Larry King Live on the day of Michael Jackson’s funeral.

His father only did 13 years in prison.


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