15 – Definitely Not Episode 16

May 5, 2016 Karen admits to wanting to kill people sometimes. We don’t talk shit about other podcasts on the Facebook page. Georgia got T-shirt designs ready. Jim Jones and Jonestown. “You’re in a cult, call your dad” - Karen Georgia covers the Setagaya murders. Karen covers Dr. Harold Shipman. You can listen here.


Sherrice Iverson

Jeremy Strohmeyer and David Cash were at Primadonna Resort and Casino in Prim, Nevada on May 25th, 1997. At 4am Strohmeyer begins to make “playful contact” with Sherrice Iverson, who is 7 years old and roaming the casino alone. Sherrice’s dad was told to keep a closer eye on his daughter, but ignored that and... Continue Reading →

Joseph Naso

When Joseph was 76 his parole officers did a random visit at his house in Reno. They were there because of a weapons violation, so they got to search his whole house and they found hundreds if not thousands of photos of nude women who were in unnatural positions, so much so that they appeared... Continue Reading →

14 – You Sexy Motherfourteen

April 28, 2016 Shout out to Michael Ramstead's drawing. Making a Murderer 7 out of 10 overturned convictions are because of witness misidentification. Happy Valley Last Podcast on the Left Murderpedia Karen covers Joseph Naso. Georgia covers the death of Sherrice Iverson. You can listen here.

The Keddie Murders

The murders took place in Cabin 28 on April 11, 1981, or very early morning of the 12th. There were three victims: Glenna Sue Sharp, her son John, and John’s friend Dana Wingate. Sue Sharp and her 5 children were renting the cabin since November 1980. Sue is home with her two little boys, who... Continue Reading →

Preppy Killer

Robert Chambers grew up rich, going to a prep school, every girl has a crush on him. His parents get divorced and the money stops coming in; he apparently had a really bad drug habit. He got kicked out of Boston University, he was treated in a drug rehab program for cocaine, but he came... Continue Reading →

13 – Thirteen Going on Murdy

April 21, 2016 Georgia covers the Preppy Killer. Karen covers the Keddie Murders. T-Shirts for sale soon. The girls mention Action Athena and the first comic that she made for MFM. Planning a couple live shows.   Facebook Group Favorite Murders Jessica - Gary Heidnik. He kidnapped and killed women by digging pits in his... Continue Reading →

Diane Downs

Diane drove to McKenzie-Willamette Hospital with her three children Stephen Daniel, Cheryl Lynn, and Christie Ann in the backseat where the entire car was blood-spattered. There was no blood on Diane. When she got to the hospital Cheryl was already dead, Danny was paralyzed from the waist down, and Christie was suffering from a stroke.... Continue Reading →

David Rothenberg

It was 1983, David Rothenberg was in a hotel room with his father Charles Rothenberg. At the time his parents were going through a custody battle, so his father decided that if he couldn’t have him that no one could. Charles poured kerosene all over David’s body and lit him on fire. By the time... Continue Reading →

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