10 – Murderous TENdencies

April 1, 2016 Georgia is listening to a new book: No Stone Unturned. The true story about NecroSearch coming to be. Burying pigs and studying decomposition and what would happen to bodies. Karen is reading Lost Girls. About the serial killer on Long Island. Karen joined Facebook just so she could join the Facebook group.... Continue Reading →

Minisode 1

March 30, 2016 Hiding in plain sight murderer: any doctor or nurse that kills multiple people before anyone catches on - Angels of death. BTK. He worked for ADT and would install home securities systems in the homes of people who were afraid. BTK had a wife and kids and was a scout leader. Ian... Continue Reading →

Kids Who Kill

Josh Phillips killed Maddie Clifton in July 1999. He was 14 at the time and she was 9. Maddie disappeared and the entire community was looking for her. One day his mom went to clean his room and noticed that his waterbed was leaking. He had hidden Maddie's body in the waterbed. His mother immediately... Continue Reading →

Paul Bateson

Paul Bateson was a 38 year old x-ray tech at NYU Medical Center where the scene from the movie The Exorcist was filmed. The murders began in 1973, he was doing it while the movie was being filmed, and was caught after. People started going missing. Ronald Cabo was stabbed to death and his apartment... Continue Reading →

9 – Color Me Nine

March 25, 2016 The girls talk about “Someone Knows Something” the podcast. "The Simpsons" is swooned over. 1,500 people in the Facebook group. Karen covers Paul Bateson. He played the radiologist’s assistant in the Exorcist. Georgia covers Josh Phillips and Eric Smith. Murder trivia facts: DNA was first used to convict a killer in the... Continue Reading →

Rebecca Zahau

Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors: Ann Rule's Crime Files Volume 16 On July 11, 2001, 6 year old Max takes a fatal fall from a staircase banister in Spreckels beach house. His father is a pharmaceutical CEO named Jonah Shaknai. A 911 call was made by Rebecca Zahau, Jonah's girlfriend. She said that Max was running... Continue Reading →

Cursed Movie Sets

Poltergeist Dominique Dunne was murdered 5 months after the release of the first movie by John Sweeney. Julian Beck played Kane, the creepy reverend. He died of stomach cancer at age 60 after the second movie came out. Will Sampson played Taylor the Medicine Man in the second movie. He died of scleroderma, a degenerative... Continue Reading →

8 – Eight is Enough Murders

March 17, 2016 1,000 people in the Facebook group. (Aww sweet baby angles.) People vs. OJ Simpson is now called The Simpsons. Karen covers cursed movies deaths/weird things. Georgia covers the death of Rebecca Zahau, or the Coronado house murder. Georgia and Karen talk about listening to 911 calls. “Cold Justice” is a T.V. show... Continue Reading →

Elisa Lam

Elisa was staying at the Cecil Hotel in LA, sketchy part of town near Skid Row. She was travelling by herself and would check in with her family every day. When she didn’t check out on February 1st her parents reported her as missing. On February 6th they held a press conference for her, and... Continue Reading →

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