12 – Our Bodies, Our Twelves

April 14, 2016 Georgia got mic covers! Woman found in a recycling bin. “Here’s the thing, fuck everyone.” - Georgia First talk about live shows! The girls pick the murders that made them interested in murder! Georgia covers David Rothenberg. Karen covers Diane Downs. Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule. You can listen here.


Albert Fish

He was referred to as "The Gray Man," "The Werewolf of Wisteria," "The Brooklyn Vampire," "The Moon Maniac," and "The Boogeyman." His mother put him into an orphanage and was immediately treated terribly. He began to enjoy physical pain. He was into weird stuff like drinking urine, learning about eating bodies and how good they... Continue Reading →

Cannibal Bus Killer

In 2008 a Greyhound bus was going to Manitoba. Around noon, Vincent Li boarded the bus and sat next to a guy named Tim Mclean. Tim was asleep and had his headphones in. Tim was 22 years old and a carnival worker. About an hour into the trip, Li pulls out a machete and started... Continue Reading →

11 – What the Helleven

April 7, 2016 2,200 people in the Facebook group. Number 75 on the iTunes podcast list! Karen covers the Cannibal Bus Killer. Georgia covers Albert Fish. Last Podcast on the Left covers Dahmer in a three part series. Someone Knows Something podcast. “Go fuck yaself.” - Karen and Georgia Sawney Bean clan is mentioned. You... Continue Reading →

Hagley Woods Mystery

It was April 1943 in the middle of WWII. Four boys were poaching when they came across a large wych elm on an estate belonging to a lord. They tried to climb into the tree to search for birds nests and found a skull. They thought it was an animal's, but saw that human hair... Continue Reading →

10 – Murderous TENdencies

April 1, 2016 Georgia is listening to a new book: No Stone Unturned. The true story about NecroSearch coming to be. Burying pigs and studying decomposition and what would happen to bodies. Karen is reading Lost Girls. About the serial killer on Long Island. Karen joined Facebook just so she could join the Facebook group.... Continue Reading →

Minisode 1

March 30, 2016 Hiding in plain sight murderer: any doctor or nurse that kills multiple people before anyone catches on - Angels of death. BTK. He worked for ADT and would install home securities systems in the homes of people who were afraid. BTK had a wife and kids and was a scout leader. Ian... Continue Reading →

Kids Who Kill

Josh Phillips killed Maddie Clifton in July 1999. He was 14 at the time and she was 9. Maddie disappeared and the entire community was looking for her. One day his mom went to clean his room and noticed that his waterbed was leaking. He had hidden Maddie's body in the waterbed. His mother immediately... Continue Reading →

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