The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short was found in a vacant lot in LA, 39th and Norton. She was naked, cut in half, severely mutilated, and posed in the grass. Her mouth was cut from ear to ear. There was no blood left in or on her. There was speculation that a “medical man” had done the deed because... Continue Reading →


7 – Seven Murders in Heaven

March 11, 2016 Georgia got married! Karen’s mom died. Front end of Karen’s car fell off. Karen covers the murder of Elisa Lam. Georgia covers The Black Dahlia.   Hometown Murder Karen’s friend - In 1980 in California, Karen’s sister’s friend moved with mom, sister, and stepdad. They were living there for two years, when... Continue Reading →

Richardson Family Murder

Deemed the youngest multiple murder. In April 2006, a mom, dad, and a young boy are all found dead. Their 12-year-old daughter Jasmine had been reported missing. She was a young, goth girl who was dating a 23-year-old guy named Jeremy Allen Stinke. He said that he was a 300-year-old werewolf who liked the taste... Continue Reading →

Alex and Derek King

A house is found on fire and when the fire is put out a dead body is found, which they found to not have been caused by the fire, but by being bludgeoned to death with baseball bat. Alex, 12, and Derek, 13, King turn themselves in. They said that they had run away from... Continue Reading →

6 – Stay Sixy

February 23, 2016 Karen covers Alex and Derek King. Georgia covers the Richardson Family Murder. You used to be able to Airbnb the house from the first season of American Horror Story! People vs. OJ Simpson Georgia went to camp with the Fonz’s daughter. Karen and Georgia are watching Autopsy. “Stay sexy and don’t get... Continue Reading →

LA Freeway Killers

In the mid 1970’s to 1980’s there were three serial killers that would dump their victim’s bodies on LA and southern California freeways. The Scorecard Killer, Randy Kraft from 1972-1983 he killed 16 men for sure, but they think he killed 51. He kept a really long list with code words from his kills. He... Continue Reading →

Martha Moxley

Martha was 15 years old in 1975 living in Greenwich, CT. Her body was found beaten in her yard the night after Halloween. There was half of a golf club found that was used to beat her. Michael Skakel was her neighbor from across the street, and he wasn’t arrested until 2002 for her murder.... Continue Reading →

5 – Five Favorite Murders

February 16, 2016 Psychology Today article says that the average age of homicide victims is 32.7 years old, and the average age of murderers is 28.8. Karen covers the LA Freeway Killers. Problems with people thinking that murders are justified when the victims live a “high-risk lifestyle.” Um no. Georgia covers the murder of Martha... Continue Reading →

Michele Wallace

Michele was a 25-year-old photographer from Chicago. She was a free spirit kind of person who travelled the world. In 1974 she goes to Oregon and spends a couple days in the Rocky Mountains taking some photos. When she leaves the mountains, she picks up hitchhikers (NO!), two men, Chuck Matthews and Roy Melanson. Michele dropped Chuck... Continue Reading →

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